Tuesday, June 6, 2017

take a trip inside my mind writing

Take a trip inside my mind, it’s where I go when I'm bored or sad.
I dream of having super
speed,being able to run on water.
I can often be found on my computer.
At times when I feel stupid I think of cool things like doing backflips on my bike.
When no one is watching have a sneek on my computer.   
I think of great things like the world's coolest man.
I wonder I will make it into the choir.   
My hope is to be the best gamer on youtube.
This year I will go to rarotonga it will be fun.

my other weeme

my weeme

Thursday, June 1, 2017


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this is my weemee

take a trip inside my mind

Take a trip inside my mind, it’s where I go when I am stressed I dream of moving to Taupo and going to Huka Falls every day. And I dream of meeting famous youtubers like aparri and ethangamertv, Dantdm and Denis and Sub and Alex and Sketch and bepper. At times I feel down, sad, mad, happy. When no one is watching I dance like nobody is watching. In my mind I think I'm going to wake up and be in the sea and I will be in the night wind feeling the sand in my toes. I wonder what will I do when I am old. My hope is this year I get a new bike to ride to school.

My That Was Summer Writing

                                     That Was Summer

    Remember the time when you went down the water slide and
I Came down straight after you

              And you were yelling at me?

 Remember the time when we went we went body surfing
              And i nearly drowned?

That was summer

Remember the time with the squeaky beds and you thought it was a ghost out on the swings?
Remember when you went to the event park and you went on all the scary rides?
Remember that time when you went swimming in the salty sea water and you thought there was a shark?
Remember that time when you snuck a biscuit from the beach bag when your parents weren't looking?                   
That was summer